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Andrew Platt

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Face to face & online meetings available

Callisto have returned to having face to face meetings, but online consultations are still available if you would prefer. Please contact us by email or phone to arrange a meeting.

Find your financial freedom

  • Are you wondering if your finances will enable you to live the life you want to?
  • Are you thinking about planning an exciting future after retirement?
  • How can you ensure you'll enjoy a lifestyle free from financial concerns?

We've been helping people from St Helens and
Liverpool live the life they want since 1993.

Isn’t it time you made sure you enjoy
the future you want rather than hoping it will all work out?

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Want to organise your finances to
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Local Financial Advice

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Specialist Financial Advice

We're retirement
specialists with over 26
years of experience
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Independent Financial Advice

We don't take
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know we only have
your best interests
at heart.

Financial Advice With A Solid Solution
advice with a
solid solution

Years of academic
research backs our
Chartered Financial
Adviser's investment

Tailored Financial Advice

At the heart of our planning is you - your plans, your dreams and your finances.

Long-term Financial Planning

We partner with you for the long-term - so you can always maintain the lifestyle you want.

Robust Investment Planning

We use the latest technology to stress-test your investment plans - so you know they are safe and secure.

Take Control Of Your Finances
Take control
of your

Track your investments wherever and whenever using the Callisto app.

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Customer testimonial for Callisto wealth
Customer testimonial for Callisto wealth
Customer testimonial for Callisto wealth

Welcome to Callisto

Everyone is interested in money

However, although it brings happiness, it may also bring stress and worry.

Our focus is not just money

It’s on what your money can do for you. We work hard to understand your hopes and dreams for the future so that we can put a financial plan in place that will allow you to achieve them. Your wealth isn’t an end in itself – it’s simply the key to unlocking your financial freedom.

Come and talk to us in our beautiful farmland setting close to Rainford

We’ve been helping local people just like you for many years. We are here to help you get your finances in order and establish a solid foundation for your future.

Come and visit us in our beautiful farmland offices

There's no better place to find your financial freedom.

Here are our six steps to financial freedom

1. Getting to know each other

Everything begins with a conversation. At this stage, we don’t need to know too much about your current financial arrangements. We simply want to get to know you, and for you to get to know us. It’s the best way you can find out if you’ll feel comfortable and happy partnering with us.

2. Getting to know you

Now it’s time to find out about your values, goals, key relationships, hobbies and plans for the future. Part and parcel of this is looking into your current financial arrangements but we’ll also consider how events such as retirement will affect you and explore your attitude to risk. After this meeting, we will send you a strategy report outlining our key goals together with an overview of our fees.

3. Analysis and planning

Using all we now know about you, we can start to get you financially well-organised, analyse your situation and assess your future requirements. We carefully calculate a lifetime cashflow for you to ensure you don’t outlive your money and we use the latest technology to stress test our assumptions by running them through various ‘what if’ scenarios.

4. Starting to put everything in place

We create an implementation report and an investment policy statement. We talk you through our recommendations and investment strategy, making sure you understand everything and are 100% comfortable with it. When you are happy to proceed, we dot the i’s and cross the t’s before you sign any paperwork needed to put your plan in motion.

5. Making sure everything is still good for you

After 35 days we put in a call to see if you have any additional questions and that you are still comfortable with the decisions you have made.

6. Keeping in touch

We regard our relationship as a long-term partnership. We keep you informed and make sure you always have the chance to talk to us about how things are going. Our regular review meetings make sure you are always up to date – but, of course, you can speak to us whenever you wish outside of these.

Ready to start?

Let's have that conversation and get to know each other.

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