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Planning your financial future

Who do you need when you are looking to get your financial affairs in order - a financial planner or a financial adviser? Both types of adviser will be registered with the FCA and they will each be at least level 4 diploma qualified, so what is the difference?

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How can I make a start with life planning and wealth management?

Before you can even start arranging to manage your wealth for the years ahead you need to be 100% clear about your plans for the future.

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How can I invest responsibly?

Many investors want to align their investment choices with the future sustainability of the environment or in an ethical way more generally.

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When should I consolidate my pensions?

The days when you have a job for life are long gone. By the time most of us hit middle age we have amounted not one but many pension pots.

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What types of pensions are available to save for retirement?

Here are details of some of the different types of pensions you may have already invested in or that are available for investing in to save for your retirement.

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Investments: am I covered if things go wrong?

Our goal is to build a lasting relationship and we have done so admirably so far. We have never had a complaint and we do not lose clients.

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Wealth management services: how much does financial and investment planning cost?

We are transparent about our fees – so you can always know exactly how much our wealth management services will cost.

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How do I choose the right financial planning firm?

Our ethos is simple: we’re here to help you achieve your financial dreams in as simple a way as possible.

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How should I take control of my investments?

Often the best ways to take control of your investments can be to bring everything under one roof. Here are nine reasons why you should consider doing this.

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What are my options at retirement?

The vast majority of funds available to the UK market are aimed at saving in the run-up to retirement, known as the ‘accumulation phase’.

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What are life and financial transitions?

Are you financially and emotionally prepared for life's big transitions? The easiest way to throw your financial plan off course is to make rash, emotional decisions in the middle of a difficult moment.

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How should I respond to negative financial events?

There’s nothing unusual in volatility: after all, change is the only constant. Market volatility is a normal part of investing.

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How deep should my risk level go?

Every investor knows that they need to take risks in order to achieve returns higher than cash. If you asked ten investors if equities were riskier than cash, most would agree. But, of course, that depends on how one understands risk.

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How can I get my house in order before I retire?

Once the kids have moved out, it’s just you, your spouse, and whatever is still boxed up in those now unoccupied bedrooms.

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How can I make sure my empty nest time is the prime time of my life?

Just when you’ve wrapped your head around the demands and responsibilities of raising a child, you turn around and your little bundle of joy is ready to head off into the world.

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How can I be generous to charities without jeopardising my retirement?

How are you going to get the best, most fulfilling life possible with the money you have once you retire?

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How can I avoid investing foolishly?

As investors, we have to contend with the erratic and unpredictable nature of markets. But, there’s more: we must also contend with the erratic and irrational way in which we think and behave.

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How can I start thinking about my bucket list for retirement?

Often when we ask our clients what their goals in retirement are, they struggle to come up with ideas.

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