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We specialise in helping local people like you retire in comfort.

Since 1993 we’ve come to understand exactly how we can help you realise your dreams by combining the latest financial planning technology with a highly personalised approach.

You’ve worked hard to get where you are – we make sure it works for you.

We start by understanding the lifestyle you want in retirement and then we model and mould your investments, pensions and savings so you can achieve this without financial concerns.

You can live the life you want – without fear of running out of money

Most of us have collected something of a ragtag mix of investments and pensions over the years

Some investments were ‘fallen into’ as part of a company or personal pension scheme and some made as an opportunity that looked attractive at the time.

Unfortunately, it’s often the case, that your mixed bag of pensions, savings and investments just don’t make sense as a whole.

And, even if they do, they invariably no longer fit your attitude to risk as you head towards retirement.

Once we understand the lifestyle you seek in retirement – and can assess your finances – we can review where you are and make sure it’s where you need to be.

If we think it is well-suited to your long-term goals, we’ll happily tell you so.

But if we think it isn’t working as well as it should, we’ll explain why and work with you to build a financial plan suited to you achieving financial freedom during retirement.

That’s freedom from worry, freedom from insecurity and freedom to live the way you want to.

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Are you set up for financial freedom during retirement?

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"When I engaged with Callisto my finances were in a bit of a mess. I had lots of pensions from different jobs and my money wasn’t working hard enough for me.

Andrew made sense of everything and has now got me really well organised"

Jenny H

We combine years of experience with the latest financial planning technology

Technology is revolutionising financial planning – for those in the know

We combine a personal approach with the latest technology to ensure your plan is perfectly modelled and tailored to your situation.

Lifetime cash flow software allows us to test scenarios based on your financial forecast to ensure it is robust not just for what you ideally want to happen, but also for what may happen.

This gives you the peace of mind that your plan fits not just what you want but will also cover a range of ‘what if’ possibilities – as we explain in our short video.

"Callisto have really helped to sort out my finances.

I like it that I have online access to my portfolio and the Callisto app is really useful as I can always keep an eye on my portfolio"

Graham S

Download the Callisto Wealth app

Take a look at the Callisto Wealth app and how it can help you manage your finances.

Callisto Wealth App on Apple
Callisto Wealth App on Apple

Using technology to place you in control of your finances

We use the latest technology to give you complete visibility and instant access to all aspects of your financial planning.

Technology is at the heart of our business to ensure you are always in control and always in the know.

It offers:

Easy Access

To all of your real-time financial information – including accounts, portfolios and goals – conveniently available from your desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Collaborative communication

Message your adviser whenever you need about your financial life and future plans

Secure and safe

Safely store all your important financial documents – including bank statements, tax statements, wills, passports and more – without losing easy access.

See the FAQ's about the Callisto App

Financial technology at Callisto – placing you in control

  • Voyant is a state-of-the-art interactive financial planning software that can quickly test your objectives and recommended portfolio against possible events such as retiring early, care home needs, buying a holiday home or helping your children on to the property ladder.
  • Timeline income planning software is invaluable for clients who are withdrawing an income from their pensions and investments. It allows you to input your portfolio value and required withdrawals – and uses actual stock market returns to visualise outcomes of various withdrawal strategies from income drawdown portfolios.
  • The Callisto app is our bespoke portal for secure access to your entire financial life from any device.
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How robust
is your
financial plan?

Let us put it through the stress test.

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"I was seeking advice to improve the way my money worked. Andrew gave advice that was easy to understand after making sure to fully understand my needs for the future.

He explained everything thoroughly and gave me plenty of time to think through the advice before deciding to proceed.

He made me feel confident that I was doing the right thing. I was extremely happy with the advice offered and feel that Andrew and his staff have produced an excellent tailor-made plan for me which gives me great confidence going forward"

Mike R

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