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Financial Planning

Am I going to be okay?

Can I live the life I want, without fear of running out of money?

After establishing your values, vision and goals, the next step is to move on to financial planning. You may have collected a bunch of different investments and pensions over the years. These products may have been taken out because you have joined a company scheme or some money was available and ‘seemed a good idea at the time’. Very often we find that these plans clash and the asset mix may be confused and not in line with your current risk profile. It is also common for some of these plans to have higher charges than is usual now.

If we choose to work together, we’ll get the full plan information, establish your risk profile, review your portfolio with you and give you a second opinion. If we think it is well-suited to your long-term goals, we’ll happily tell you so. But if we think it isn’t working as well as it should be, we’ll explain why and recommend changes if necessary.

We will then work with you to build a financial plan to help you to achieve your goals, and an investment strategy for you to reach or maintain your ‘Number‘ – the portfolio value that means you’ve achieved financial freedom

The information that we have gathered at the Discovery Meeting is then input into our lifetime cash flow software. This builds a financial forecast in line with your goals. We build the plan based on your current situation, and then ‘What-if’ scenarios that take into account anticipated life and financial transitions.

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To live a better financial life these days, you need more than just occasional updates from an adviser. You need complete visibility — and total control.

We love nothing more than to meet you on a face-to-face basis, but we also know that today we live in a digital world – when sometimes you just want information quickly and easily.

Our industry-leading digital tools give you full access to your entire financial life whenever and wherever you need it.

At Callisto we believe in using technology in all parts of our business to help us to improve our service, speed up our responses and put your information at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Firstly we use an online system to establish your attitude to risk. This is provided by Oxford Risk, one of the best risk profile systems in the UK and linked to Oxford University.

We also use a state of the art lifetime cash flow software provided by Voyant. This allows us to build interactive financial plans which show you your current situation and several possible ‘what if’ scenarios based on your values, vision, goals and your available resources. These might include retiring early, buying a dream house in your favourite resort or helping your children on to the property ladder. The cash flow forecast is updated at each main annual meeting and is the key tool for building and maintaining our clients’ financial plans.

We also have a software programme which we use to evaluate withdrawal strategies from income drawdown portfolios. This helps our clients to visualise probable outcomes in retirement as it uses actual stock market returns to demonstrate sustainability. This is a great tool to stress test our recommendations.

For our back office we use Intelliflo a leading client relationship management software system built for UK financial advisers. This system allows us to keep good records and keep in touch with you. It also links with Voyant, our investment platforms and our research system FE Analytics. This gives us a complete and integrated client management system. Intelliflo also provide an online portal to enable our clients to see their plans and portfolios and send and receive documents.

All our clients have online access to their portfolios through our investment platform partners. This means that they can have access to their portfolio valuations and a full breakdown of any transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Finally, we are launching the Callisto app in the next few months. This is a client portal that delivers you secure access to your entire financial life in one place either via your Mac or PC, tablet or smartphone. The app can combine your portfolio, bank accounts, mortgage, life cover, house value and hold important documents in a secure format. Clearly this also gives you all this information in the palm of your hand.



Technology is at the heart of our business and it is easy, convenient, collaborative and secure.
Access all of your financial information — including accounts, portfolios and goals — all in one place.
View your complete financial life picture in real time from your desktop, smartphone or tablet.
Communicate with your adviser 24/7 about your financial life, plan and goals.
Safely store your important financial documents — including bank statements, tax statements and more.



Why not pop in for a coffee and a chat about your plans and your investments. We’ll review your portfolio with you and give you a second opinion. If we think it is well-suited to your long-term goals, we’ll happily tell you so. But if we think it isn’t working as well as it should, we’ll explain why. Give us an hour and we’ll show you how to get the best out of your life and your money.

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