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Going the extra mile

Three things that all good financial advisers should do

When you’re looking for a financial adviser to help you plan for the future, you want them to be objective about your current position, give you impartial advice, and you should expect them to carry out the following three steps. All good financial advisers will do these things. If they don’t, it’s time for you to move on.

1. They will listen to your needs
Every good financial adviser needs to be a good listener, as they should discuss your situation with you and, importantly, listen to what you tell them. They should help solve any issues and take the hassle out of planning your finances.

2. They will give you a written plan
Once you have spoken together and they have considered your current situation and your future goals, they will provide you with a written plan. They should also help make sure you understand it.

3. They will put together a portfolio based on your needs and risk profile
We all have unique objectives and your portfolio should reflect this. Everyone also has a different attitude to risk, and the way you feel about it should help determine the portfolio that your financial adviser recommends.

Five things that Callisto will do for you

In common with all good financial advisers, we work through the three steps described above with every client. However, we believe in going much further, so we commit to the following five points too.

1. We put your interests first
Our clients come first, so no matter what we do for you, we will always put your best interests before our own. You benefit from all our knowledge and experience – and because we work on a fee-only basis, you can be sure that our integrity will never be compromised.

2. We take time to understand what you want to achieve
Listening to what you tell us – and making sure we understand it – is essential. We help you identify, achieve and maintain the lifestyle you want, and when we know what your goals are, we map out that vision for you and test it to make sure it is achievable. You get to enjoy the lifestyle you want without worrying about how to afford it.

3. We help you get well organised financially
When we meet new clients, their finances often lack structure. Within the first two years, we work with you on an eight-step strategy to address every aspect of your finances and get your financial house in order. Not only do your finances become more efficient and manageable, you also enjoy real peace of mind.

4. We create evidence-based investment portfolios
The approach we take to building portfolios is backed by decades of academic evidence. We adopt tried and tested principles that work. We don’t try and guess what the future will bring; your portfolio will be based on much more solid evidence than that. Your portfolio is designed to deliver your goals, so we review it regularly to ensure it is performing as it should. You benefit not only from our knowledge, but from the backing of investment experts worldwide.

5. We stay in touch
By staying in regular contact we help you to stay focused on the long term and on track to achieve your goals. In addition, we closely monitor your plan, updating you on your progress and making any changes necessary to keep pace with where you are in life. You enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing things are progressing smoothly – and that your financial freedom is a reality.