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The Callisto Wealth Management investment process is based on the best academic research from across the world. This research tells us that low-cost, highly diversified portfolios invested for the long term are the best way to achieve growth and, ultimately, deliver the Financial Freedom that you are looking for.

Our own experience bears this out, which is why every client portfolio we design is based on these fundamental principles.

Again and again, empirical research confirms our belief that markets reward patient, long-term investors.

A world of knowledge

We are not alone in operating this way. Callisto Wealth Management is a member of a global community of like-minded advisers who share the same philosophy and approach. As a community, we offer our clients advanced investment portfolios and world-class wealth-management services and we work together to offer every client an outstanding investment experience.  

The Financial Planners’ Group

Callisto is one of the founding members of the Financial Planners’ Group. This is a group of six like-minded financial planning businesses who are all committed to applying the best financial thinking for the benefit of our clients. At the heart of the way we operate is a fundamental belief in the power of financial planning and its ability to transform people’s lives. We have many things in common – great people, exceptional client service, and outstanding results. 

In total, our Assets under management are over £500 million. We realised we were all trying to achieve similar objectives for our clients and facing the same business challenges as each other, in different parts of the country. Through our collective buying power, we knew we would be able to access the highest quality products and services at a lower cost for our respective clients. We would also be able to share investment insights or develop our investment proposition together. And so it made sense to join forces.

You can find out more about the Financial Planners’ Group here.

Trusted websites

Two investment firms that Callisto works closely with are Dimensional Fund Advisors and Vanguard. Each firm has excellent websites, with lots of educational material on them. Please click on these links if you want to find out more: