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Why our tailored retirement investment plans are the perfect fit for you

As you start to think about planning for retirement, what is it that you essentially want to achieve?

  • To ensure you have sufficient money to live your life to the full, meet any situations that may arise and be confident that you won’t outlive your pension pot?
  • Be certain that your loved ones will be provided for by leaving a legacy?
  • Minimise any risks to your existing portfolio?
  • Capitalise on any opportunities to safely invest your portfolio and outpace inflation?

We work closely with you to carefully understand your life plan for retirement, your existing finances and to maintain a robust but flexible investment plan that ensures you can meet your goals.

How will we invest your money?

Every investment plan is different – it is tailored to your needs, aspirations and finances.

We invest your money to give you financial freedom.

  • Freedom to live the life you want.
  • Freedom from worry.
  • And freedom from undue risk.

Your investment plan is carefully stress-tested using the latest financial modelling technology to ensure it will work for your life as you ideally envision it – and your life as it may be if the unexpected occurs.

And – while no two investment plans are alike – we create all our portfolios following transparent principles that reduce risk to ensure security.

To be blunt, if you’re looking for someone to try and beat the market for you, we simply can’t help.

And there's two perfectly good reasons for this.

  • The first is that years of independent academic research and our own practical retirement planning experience clearly reveal that this approach fails far more often than it succeeds.
  • The second is that it’s an approach that is wholly unsuited to giving you financial freedom in your retirement. It can only offer risk and insecurity.

Want to gain
financial freedom
in your retirement?

"Andrew has been my colleague’s financial adviser for a long time and I asked him to look at my pensions.

I find investing quite hard to understand, but Andrew took the time needed to fully explain how he does things and the results have been good. Knowing that I can contact Callisto with any queries is helpful to me."

Lynn P

What principles can gain you financial freedom?

Our investment principles are based on a rules-based method, which is backed by decades of academic research and scientific evidence.

We ensure you capture the returns that global markets offer by investing your portfolio in a fully diversified way.

This reduces risks and costs for you while still delivering healthy returns.

Put simply, your investment plan will be grounded in a structured, common-sense way based on principles that mitigate and minimise risk.

This short video outlines the investment principles that provide the perfect way for you to gain financial freedom in retirement

Ten investment principles

We believe in transparency.

It is just as essential for us to clearly understand your goals for retirement as it is for you to understand exactly how we will help you secure your financial freedom.

We know it works – but we want you to know exactly how it will work too.

Here are the ten principles on which your investment plan will rest on.


1. Let markets work for you

Markets work, and we can make them work for you. The large groups of people that make up markets are collectively smarter than a few ‘experts’ trying to outsmart them. Why risk trying to beat the market when there are so many broadly-diversified and low-cost funds available today?

2. Investment is not speculation

Speculative investment offers only short-term wins. Investment managers who perform well can rarely repeat their performance consistently over the long-term. As there is no useful information contained in historical price movements, the expected return from speculation is zero (minus high costs).

3. Take a long term approach

The financial markets do, however, consistently reward long-term investors. Historically, the equity and bond markets have provided wealth growth that has more than offset inflation. They have done so safely and securely.

4. Consider the drivers of returns

Peer-reviewed, academic research has identified exactly what drives returns. These factors are pervasive across different markets and persistent across different time periods. It is these proven drivers that cost-effective portfolios will set their sights on.

5. Practice smart diversification

Diversification helps reduce your risk – but only if it is carried out globally. As there is no guarantee that one region will outperform others, it is in your best interest to invest globally. In this way you can be confident that the historically-proven, vast mechanism of the market is working for you. To take advantage of this you must invest for long periods of time – only then can you maximise your ability to capture the complete range of returns on offer.

6. Avoid market timing

Market timers promise to predict future movements to maximise your returns – but, time and time again, research reveals that short-term gains are rapidly more than off-set by losses. No-one knows which markets will outperform from year to year but, by holding a globally diversified portfolio, you are in the best position to capture returns wherever and whenever they occur.

7. Manage your emotions

Markets do go up and down, but history reveals that their overall trend is growth. Reacting emotionally to current market conditions often leads to making poor investment decisions at the worst of times. There’s no place for knee-jerk reactions in a globally diversified investment portfolio.

8. Look beyond the headlines

Daily market news can challenge your investment discipline and lead to emotional responses: don’t let it. Whether it’s anxiety about the future or the temptation of a quick win, you need to cut through the clutter and stay true to your principles. By the time you read financial news, it’s too late to act on it. Stay true to your intentions and the global market will repay you.

9. Keep costs low

Over time, high investment management costs will be a drag on wealth accumulation. A low-cost strategy ensures that you incur only unavoidable spend or spend only on that which adds value to your investments. In this way you can take advantage of the magic of compounding returns without having them eroded by the tyranny of compounding costs.

10. Focus on what you can control

We offer you a better investment experience by creating a plan tailored to your personal financial needs and life goals. We help you to focus on only actions that add value – and these are the things you can control.

  • Your investment policy.
  • How much risk you are willing to take.
  • And how much you pay in costs.

Issues such as interest rates, inflation, wars, the stock market, government policy, taxes and terrorist events are clearly beyond your control. They are also cyclical and usually short-term in nature. We encourage you to share our disciplined and patient investment approach. We, like you, are in this for the long term.


Looking to secure
your financial freedom through
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"My pension and investments weren’t very well organised and I wanted a second opinion.

Andrew looked at everything, suggested I bring it ‘under one roof’ and he reassured me that Callisto’s approach means that I’m invested across all global markets at very low cost."

David C

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