What are life and financial transitions?

Are you financially and emotionally prepared for life's big transitions?

The easiest way to throw your financial plan off course is to make rash, emotional decisions in the middle of a difficult moment.

That’s why our financial planning process is deliberately designed to help you avoid reacting – or overreacting – to the ebbs and flows of your life by putting you into a more proactive mindset about your financial future.

Managing these transitions is one of the keys to maximizing your finances and to achieving a greater ‘return on your life’.

It’s better to prepare than to repair

When it comes to your financial future, it’s easier to prepare for what’s ahead than it is to repair mistakes.

We help you to prepare for life’s transitions by asking you to anticipate what’s coming up and the age at which you expect the transition to happen. If you’re married, you and your spouse can plot both shared transitions and transitions that are unique to each of you.

Once we’ve plotted your anticipated life transitions, we can start discussing the transitions that are most important to you from an immediate financial planning standpoint.

  • Maybe you need to understand the financial implications of taking care of an ageing parent?
  • Perhaps it’s figuring out how to pay for your kids’ education?
  • Or figuring out the best time to start receiving pension payments?

Over time, as new transitions arise and old ones get completed, we can add, remove, and reprioritise transitions as necessary.

Because being prepared is also being prepared to be flexible.