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Meet Andrew (Director and Chartered Financial Planner)

The only thing that’s certain is uncertainty.

It can make my job challenging, but it’s a fact of life. After all, as a financial adviser and wealth manager, it would be useful to know what’s going to happen. But I’m here to help you get in great financial shape whatever your future holds.

My dad was a financial adviser too.

I was always fascinated by how he earned people’s trust and helped them plan for a comfortable future. It seemed a worthwhile thing to do and I hoped that one day I could follow in his footsteps.

Sometimes though, you have to be careful what you wish for.

After wondering how I could get a start in the profession, I finally got the chance I wanted – in the same office as my dad. But it would be without him – he’d been forced to retire due to a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.

It was devastating news, but when I was invited to apply for my dad’s job and take over his clients, I felt this was my chance to live up to his example.

So, it was a brush with the unexpected that set me on this path.

I wish the circumstances had been different, but it helped me realise that we need to prepare for the future rather than predict it and this insight has been at the heart of my approach to financial planning for the last 25 years or so.

In the past, I took the same approach as many other financial planners. My investment methods involved making predictions, reacting to economic events and taking short-term decisions using the funds that were most popular at the time.

However, I began to feel that there must be a better way, and I finally changed direction and set up Callisto Wealth Management – a different kind of financial adviser.

It was the 2008 economic crisis that really brought things to a head.

Using leading academic research, I studied the dynamics of investment returns and realised that across the industry, the odds are stacked against the individual investor and piled high in favour of the City. Trying to second-guess the future only works sporadically at best, and most investors find it impossible to be consistently successful by relying on conventional approaches.

And I was right: there is another way.

Andrew & His Children In Rome

Andrew and his children in Rome

Andrew & His Dog Trixie

Andrew Platt

Andrew With A Puppy

Andrew and Trixie Winnats Pass

Andrew In Rainford Hall

Andrew at Rainford Hall

Callisto team at Manchester Markets at Christmas

Callisto team at Manchester markets

My motivation remains the same as ever – to help you get your financial affairs in order and to gain financial freedom in your retirement.

When people come to me, their finances are often in a mess – no goals, no plan, no structure. They have worked hard to build up a nest egg and deserve better advice than they’ve been given.

The fact is that years of experience, not to mention decades of respected academic research, have demonstrated that attempting to predict the future isn’t what you need. Instead, a transparent, very diversified and low-cost investment approach is the way to achieve your goals.

As I said, the only thing that’s certain is uncertainty. As if to demonstrate this it turned out that dad’s condition was far less serious than expected – a happy ending to what we thought could be a tragic tale.

And actually, thanks to dad, I found my way: the Callisto way.

And funnily enough, I know I can be certain about that.

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Image of the Chartered Financial Planner logo.

Meet Lisa (our practice manager)

I didn’t really know what I wanted to do “when I grew up” and decided to try out a few roles on a temporary basis, my initial role in a shipping office wasn’t really me, my next step took me into a role in financial services in 1998 and I have been in a variety of roles within financial advisory businesses and then held Senior Management roles in two support service providers for financial advice companies.

I enjoyed the challenge of working with lots of different firms and honed my skills in operations, compliance, people management & development and business improvement.  There were some real highlights in my time here including setting up contact centre operations, streamlining processes and delivering excellent service to member firms.

After 15 years in those organisations I took my first role as an Operations Director with an advisory firm based in Altrincham, together we built solid foundations for the operation of the business and I focussed on customer experience and support alongside the entrepreneurial business founders.  The skills that I learnt in this role included the management of the multi-disciplines of HR, finance, operations, compliance and IT have been useful and transferable to my role with Callisto.

My role is to ensure that we put the client at the heart of everything we do, that our systems and processes are streamlined and effectively support Andrew in the delivery of advice to our clients.  With a naturally inquisitive mind, the ability to deal with lots of detail and simplify the details, we can work together to improve our client experience.

Outside of work I am married with a teenage son, I like to keep fit, enjoying classes like Pilates, Zumba and Aerobics. I run successful slimming world groups locally, helping men and women to achieve their weight loss goals and I chair the PTA of the local primary school my son attended in Eccleston.  I like to read, travel & generally keep busy!

Lisa Marsh

Lisa Marsh

Meet Dan (our administrator)

I am a Salford university graduate with a BA in popular music and recording. I have 12 years’ experience in office administration and I have been working at Callisto since 2013. I have passed the FA1 exam in Life & Protection administration and I am currently studying the FA2 Pensions administration exam. I am always looking to better myself and fill gaps in my knowledge and financial matters where never a strong point for me before I joined the team, so I have found studying for the exams to be fascinating. It has really boosted my knowledge and understanding of some of my key tasks at work.

I have also sung and played the guitar in several bands over the years, performing both covers and original music all over the country. The highlight of my musical ventures was a full UK tour with Manchester-based rock band Hell to Pay and the opportunity to support my guitar hero – Paul Gilbert of Mr Big fame. I am currently also working with a wedding and corporate events group across the Northwest while also working towards the life office qualifications by studying after work and at weekends, so my life is pretty full on!

When I’m not working or performing, I like to try and keep myself fit with high-intensity training and I’m a passionate supporter of both St Helens Rugby League Club & Liverpool Football Club.

Dan Martin

Dan Martin

Meet Fiona (our administrator)

I graduated from the University of Central Lancashire in 2014 after studying Theatre and Performance. I help out at my husband Peter’s pub The Carr Mill on evenings and weekends. So, when I come into the office it is a completely different environment for me. I am a mum to two young children, Ethan and Caitlyn who keep me very busy. In my spare time I attend kickboxing classes at HSKA in St Helens where I am working my way up the grades. We like to go to Haven caravan sites in Wales regularly for a bit of family time and love visiting the castles while we are there. I am currently studying the FA2 pensions administration exam which I am hoping will give me more knowledge in the business and help me progress in this industry.


Fiona Burgess