Wealth management services

How much does financial and investment planning cost?

We are transparent about our fees – so you can always know exactly how much our wealth management services will cost.

We’re here to add value not to hide costs.

Our initial ‘engagement’ meeting is a chance for us to get to know each other. We gain insight into your financial situation, your attitude to risk and your goals for retirement; you gain an understanding of how we approach investing your money and the value we think we can add.

For this meeting, there is no charge.

Should you decide to go forward we have a defined process for managing your wealth. In line with that process, our fees are clearly broken down into three main elements: Life Planning, Financial Planning and Investment Planning.

Fixed fee for Life Planning

This fee covers:

  • Establishing your values, goals and key relationships
  • Helping you create your life plan
  • Life and financial transition planning
  • A review of your current financial situation and investments
  • Our general recommendations of the best way forward for you, provided in our Strategy Report

The fee for this part of our service is £750.

This payment can either be taken from any investment upon receipt by the provider or paid directly by you.

Financial planning and the implementation of our recommendations

Once we’ve helped you create your life plan – and the financial plan that supports it – we make specific recommendations for you.

This is where we act as an Independent Financial Adviser and use our expertise to research your current situation, compare this with the best products in the market and recommend the right solutions for you.

Our fee to put our recommendations in place is usually based on the amount of work involved and is quoted as a project fee not as a percentage.

For instance, it takes a lot of time to get information from pension providers and then to formulate a report and advice. It usually takes longer if you have five pensions to be assessed than if you have two.

We always confirm our project fee in writing and will never carry out any work without your prior agreement.

Investment planning and forward planning/review meetings

Once we’ve implemented our recommendations, we ensure that you remain on course to achieve your plan.

We’ll help you:

  • To be relaxed that your plan is still on course by updating the life time cash flow at the annual forward planning and review meeting
  • Stay the course if investment markets cause you to ‘wobble’, as they sometimes might
  • Ensure that your investments continue to match your risk profile, by regularly testing your tolerance for and ability, willingness and need to take risk
  • Remain comfortable that your portfolio hasn’t drifted off course through our rebalancing service
  • Change your plan if you decide on a different course of action
  • Make any changes necessary to cope with whatever life throws your way – and make minor tweaks to help you stay on course

Ongoing fees are varied and can be quite complex but we are transparent in how we disclose these fees to you.

We provide a Total Cost of Ownership figure, which highlights all the various fees in a simple spreadsheet. This contains visibility of your entire portfolio value and the various elements of the Total Cost of Ownership expressed as a percentage and a monetary figure.

Our ongoing fee, as part of the Total Cost of Ownership is detailed below.

Funds under managementCharge per annumDiscount
Up to £250,0001%-
£250,001 - £500,0000.8%20%
£500,001 - £1,000,0000.6%40%
£1,000,000 plus0.4%60%

Note that these charges are tiered and break at the trigger points detailed above.

This means that a £249,000 investment would have a relationship fee of 1%, whilst a £400,000 investment would be charged at 0.925%.

We typically charge a percentage fee for the cost of our on-going service and regular reviews. Usually, this fee is paid on a monthly basis, based upon the daily average, or month-end value, of funds under management.