Financial planning

Your financial plan is essentially your roadmap to the future - to the retirement you’ve always dreamed about. Here’s how we bring it to life.

Built on understanding

Great financial planning isn’t just about pulling together a mixed bag of pensions, savings and investments. It’s about your goals for the future, and how your finances can support them.

Once we understand more about your aspirations for retirement and the kind of lifestyle you want to achieve, we can review where you are and make moves to ensure you get to where you need to be.

Smart technology

Technology is at the heart of our business and central to our financial planning approach. Why? Because it puts the control in your hands and ensures you stay fully in the know. Here are just some of the ways we use it to benefit you:

Lifetime cashflow software

Allows us to test scenarios based on your financial forecast and cover a range of ‘what if’ possibilities, so you can have peace of mind that your plan is robust and suited to many outcomes.


Income planning software is invaluable for clients who are withdrawing an income from their pensions and investments. It allows you to input your portfolio value and required withdrawals and uses actual stock market returns to visualise the outcomes of various withdrawal strategies.


The Callisto app

Is our bespoke portal to your entire financial life. It gives you a complete view of your finances all in one place, along with all the associated paperwork. It’s totally secure and accessible from any device, meaning you can stay updated your way.