Why choose us as your local financial adviser?

Your local financial adviser for St Helens and Liverpool

Why choose us as your local financial adviser?

  • Are you local to the St Helens and Liverpool area?
  • Starting to think about retirement?
  • Do you have £250,000 or more spread across investments and savings?
  • Isn’t it time you got everything in place to ensure you can make the most of your future?

Then talk to us.

We’ve been helping people like you find financial freedom in retirement since 1993.

Here’s why we’re so certain we can work together to meet your goals.

"Andrew came with a strong recommendation from my father who had used his services for some years.

From our initial discussions I felt very confident that Andrew had a good understanding of my circumstances and he took the time to explain things using terminology that (even!) I could understand.

Most importantly I am comfortable with him in control of my investments."

Paul B

We're your local financial adviser

We've always been based in and around St Helens and Liverpool.

Like you, we've come a long way.

And like you we want to protect, secure and grow all that you have worked so hard for.

Come and visit us in our office situated in beautiful farmland setting close to Rainford

"I was looking for a local financial adviser that could help me and my husband make sense of our finances during a difficult time for the family.

Andrew and the team have been very helpful to me. I would recommend them: nothing is too much trouble and they are very knowledgeable."

Eileen L

We listen and understand

This is your retirement and we help you organise your finances.

We never forget who’s in charge.

Our starting point is to understand exactly what you hope to do and experience.

And, if you need help, we can draw on our years of experience from working with others in the same situation. We understand that sometimes it’s hard to think through and articulate exactly how you want to spend your time when the kids have flown the nest and work is an optional luxury rather than a pressing necessity.

Find out more about our lifestyle-based retirement planning

"Andrew has a very structured approach. He explains how the mechanisms he recommends work and how risk is assessed and mitigated.

He took time to understand our reservations about moving from saving to investing and patiently discussed and addressed our concerns.

We have been clients for some time now and are very happy to have found a far more structured approach to managing and reviewing our finances."

John B

We work for you

We don’t accept commissions for any recommendation we make to you

We work on a fee-only basis so that you are always 100% sure whose interests we have at heart and that no-one else is pulling our strings.

"After choosing to work with Callisto, one of the things that impressed me most was that Andrew was very open about the fee structure and every charge was detailed for me."

"Robert H

We get your finances in order

We take a highly-structured approach to making sure all your finances are well organised.

It’s perfectly understandable that your current financial arrangements may not be perfectly aligned to meet your future goals.

Investments, pensions and savings have often been made in an ad hoc manner – and many may have once suited your needs but no longer do so.

We know that Rome was not built in a day.

We promise that, within the first two years of our relationship, we will work with you through an eight-step strategy that will systematically address every aspect of your finances.

We will help you get your financial house in order so that everything works more efficiently, becomes more manageable and ensures you enjoy real peace of mind about your future.

Call us today on 01744 881 421 to put your financial house in order.

"Communication throughout has been excellent. Andrew takes the time to ensure everything is understood, in very easy terms.

One thing though, on the first visit there was no Earl Grey tea, but every visit since it has been provided without asking.

Sometimes it’s the little things that count!"

Jeff B

We've done our research

Our investment strategy stands proudly on the shoulders of giants.

It is based on years of academic research into investment.

You can trust the advice you receive from us because we offer a wealth of experience that is backed by both Chartered and Certified Financial Planner qualifications. In fact, our Director, Andrew, was one of the first Chartered advisers in the UK.

We create evidence-based investment portfolios.

You benefit not only from our knowledge, but from the backing of investment experts worldwide.

We do not follow fads – we adopt tried and tested principles that work. We won’t try and beat the market by guessing what the future will bring, instead we design you a portfolio that minimises risk but delivers your goals.

And we don’t rest on our laurels: we regularly review your portfolio to ensure it is performing as it should.

Find out more about our approach to investment planning for retirement.

"Ever since my wife and I decided to use Callisto, we have received excellent investment advice and service from Andrew and his team.

During the current market difficulties, we have received continual information both verbally and via posts on the very useful Callisto app, both of which have given reassurance that our balanced investment portfolio will weather the storm successfully.

Thank you, Andrew and team, for your valued support and assistance."

Mr and Mrs A

We make sure everything is crystal clear

We leave the jargon and the big words for others – what’s important is not to impress but to make sure you understand what we express.

We’re here to take the hassle out of planning your finances – not to take things out of your hands.

Once we understand your current situation and your future goals, we provide you with a written plan and make sure you are comfortable with it and understand it.

This plan will be a portfolio that is unique to you. It will be based on your needs, your goals and your attitude to risk.

For a plain-talking, understandable approach to finding your financial freedom call for a quick chat on 01744 881 421.

"Having entrusted my pension arrangements to Andrew and the team a couple of years ago I can say without hesitation that it was a wise decision.

Their process is thorough and transparent with all due diligence observed and time allowed for reflection and consideration. Regular updates, cash flow planning and a mobile app that allows instant access to track investment performance are all part of the ‘personal touch’ ethos.

I would – and indeed have – recommend friends and acquaintances to speak with Callisto when contemplating any financial options: five stars from me."

Richard P

We put you in control

Transparency starts with sharing information without waiting to be asked.

That’s why we’re available for you whenever you have a question or concern and why we regularly keep in touch to talk you through the performance of your portfolio.

However, that’s not enough: we want you to have access to information without having to make or receive a call.

So, we developed the Callisto app.

Accessible at any time from your mobile, tablet or, laptop, this is your bespoke portal for secure access to your entire financial life. Whenever, wherever, however you want.

Think you would like to work with us?

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"Successful investing takes time, discipline and patience. I may have a shortage of these qualities but, thankfully, Callisto do not.

One of my best decisions was to entrust my pension to their management. Andrew and the team are efficient, focussed and really good people."

Graham G

We stress test all our recommendations

We’ve invested in technology that allows you to get a second opinion on every single recommendation we make.

We call it a stress test.

It models our advice against a number of ‘what if’ scenarios so you can be certain of financial freedom even when the unexpected occurs.

It’s actually more than just a second opinion – it’s a third, fourth and fifth opinion.

Find out more about how we use technology to ensure our service is highly personalised.

"I engaged with Callisto on the recommendation of my father, who has been a client for years.

I am really happy with how Andrew and his team keep us updated with newsletters, emails etc. They are always available to answer any questions or queries we have.

The Callisto App is also really useful in giving us up to date data on our investment."

Phil D

We’re in this with you for the long-term

We value long partnerships because it takes time to get things right.

When people think about investing, they imagine some genius who has a sixth sense about which stocks and shares will perform well, and a sniffer dog sensibility about when is the perfect time to sell.

That’s not us.

We don’t try to beat the market again and again because it is expensive for you and the hard evidence and years of academic research tell us that, over time, it is nigh on impossible to outpace the market.

We won’t chop and change your investments on a hunch. We believe you are best served sticking with a globally diversified portfolio to mirror the entire market’s growth.

This keeps costs low for you and, history tells us, the market over the long-term always grows. Of course, we constantly monitor the availability of such funds across the world, and will make changes to your portfolio as and when better value funds become available.

But in general, our attitude is ‘measure twice, cut once’.

When you commit to the long term you reduce risks, cut down on costs and let the deep market trends guide you to financial freedom.

Find out more about our measured approach to investing

"I was given the opportunity to transfer my pension and needed advice information and help with the process.

By patiently explaining the pros and cons of transferring. He provided all the information I needed to reach a decision and helped me through the process in a step by step manner with plenty of time for reflection each stage.

Everything was done in a relaxed but professional way that suited my requirements. I was very happy with the whole process and am unable to see where improvements could be made."

Jeremy P

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